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Making your home more energy-efficient and sustainable does not have to be hard or extra expensive! There are several solar energy options that you can choose to become a greener and happier home or business owner! Turn to Green Electrical Contractors LLC and let me become your dependable solar energy equipment contractor! I can tell you all about the affordable and highly reliable solar panel systems I have available for my customers in Orion Township, MI and the nearby areas!

What I Offer

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance
To make your solar panels worth the investment, you need to be attentive to all their needs and inspect their parts regularly to identify any signs of distress or damage on time. With my excellent panel maintenance service, you will be able to expand the lifespan of your trusted solar system!

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation
Do not shower with freezing water on cold days or stress about the high electrical bills. Better rely on an excellent solar energy system! As your trusted solar system installation expert, I can provide you with a great variety of panel options for the specific energy needs of your commercial or residential property!

Solar Panel Repair

Solar Panel Repair
Even if you treat your panels with great care and pay attention to their needs, they can suffer damage in any of their parts due to harsh weather and related natural factors. If anything is wrong with your panels and they no longer provide you with the energy you need, be sure to rely on me to repair them!

Circuit Breaker and Electrical Panel Replacement

Circuit Breaker and Electrical Panel Replacement
If you have any issues with your electrical panel or circuit breaker, I can make sure to replace them quickly and effectively. With my excellent help, your home or business will not be out of energy nor be at risk of suffering from short circuits. Put all your electrical system problems in my hands!

Generator Installation

Generator Installation
Installing a dependable generator in your home or business can be an excellent alternative to help you during emergencies or energy cutouts. Trust me as your generator installation specialist to help you take advantage of solar energy and have all the electricity you need without harming the planet!


Make Your Home Greener

Trusting an excellent solar installation company is a great idea if you hope to preserve the environment while still using all the energy you need to complete your everyday tasks. With a solar energy system, you will also be able to protect your economy, by reducing your electrical and gas expenses. Plus, you will always enjoy a dependable source of energy in emergencies!

How I Do My Work

I stand out among other solar equipment manufacturers because I offer outstanding customer service and excellent quality on my solar systems. I always learn about each customer’s needs and provide them with personalized attention to find the right solar system for them. My installation and repair work is unmatched!

My Operation Areas

You can make use of my excellent solar energy equipment services regardless of your home or business location! I am prepared to drive a few miles to install excellent solar equipment for all my valued customers outside Orion Township, MI, in all the following areas:

  • Lake Angelus, MI
  • Orion Charter Township, MI
  • Auburn Hills, MI

If you are interested in booking an appointment to learn more about my excellent solar equipment options and the outstanding services I have available for you, contact Green Electrical Contractors LLC! I will happily set up an appointment with you. Call me today!

Client Testimonials

by Trisha J. Dixon on Green Electrical Contractors LLC
Affordable Options!

This solar installation company offered me affordable panels and changed my life! I'm no longer afraid of receiving my electricity bill and having to pay a lot to keep my business working. The company's excellent attention has no match!

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  • Solar Panel Maintenance
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Solar Panel Repair
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Electrical Panel Replacement
  • Generator Installation

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